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German TMX has a steel manufacturing capacity of 3.6 Lakh MTPA. Our Billet producing Steel Melting Shop and Rolling Mill has a TMT production capacity of 1.2 Lakh MTPA. Our exhaustive production process is in compliance with international standards.

Our products are sold to government agencies, industry houses, civil contractors and real estate developers, and are ideal for flyovers, dams, bridges, and other critical structures where high yield load is required without compromising on the quality and ductility.

German TMX Fe 500

Key features of GERMAN TMX Fe 550:

Key features of German TMX Bars:

  • Earthquake Resistant
    The Thermo Mechanical treatment attributes higher elongation to the German TMX 500D bars, making them resistant to seismic loads.

  • High Strength and Ductility
    Combination of tempered martensite on the surface and fine grain ferrite-pearlite in the core provides higher strength, toughness and ductility to our TMT Bars.

  • Non-Corrosive
    The outer surface of GERMAN TMX Fe 500 & Fe 500 D TMT Bars form a hard Ferric Oxide layer in presence of moisture and air when they are treated on the Cooling Bed. This coating helps the bars resist corrosion.

  • Super Bonding Ability
    TMT Bars strongly bond with their surrounding concrete that adds to the strength and firmness of the construction.

  • Higher Welding Ability
    Usage of low carbon content raw materials in the production ensures higher weldability of the TMT Bars.

  • Steel Saving
    Maintaining a low tolerance of sectional weight enables GERMAN TMX Bars to save 15% approx. in steel consumption, compared to competition.