Thermex Quenching Technology

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A short, intensive but very precise in-line quenching of the rolled bar is imparted in the Thermex® process through a proprietary system that results in a hardened periphery. On further cooling of the bar in atmosphere, a thermal exchange (THERMEX) occurs between the core and cooled outside martensite surface whereby the resultant bar structure is a distinct tempered martensite at periphery and a fine grained ferrite-pearlite structure in the central zone.

TMX (Thermax powered) steel is a high quality TMT steel bar with a definite advantage over other TMT Bars with superior properties such as weldability, strength, ductility and tensility. These bars meet the highest quality standards worldwide and are proven to be more heat resistant especially during fires. This adds on to the strength and safety of the structure. TMX bars are a new generation of high strength steel.

Advantages of TMX Bars over TMT Bars